Comparing the Different Wolf Watch Winder Collections

wolf watch winder
With its roots dating back to Germany in 1834, the Wolf company has been making hand-crafted storage boxes and presentation cases for five generations. One of its most celebrated categories of products is the watch winder. With Wolf’s extraordinary attention to every detail and its focus on beauty and reliability, this company truly has transformed the task of keeping one’s automatic watch wound into an art form. Because each customer is unique, Wolf has made sure to offer a wide variety of watch winders sure to suit every taste and requirement.

Cub 1.8 Collection

This single watch winder combines precision winding with a sleek, modern appearance. Equipped with a pebble finish, a grosgrain faceplate, a single winding module, and chrome-plated hardware, the Cub 1.7 collection will keep a watch of any size both safely stored and perfectly wound according to manufacturer specifications. Patented pre-programmed settings come with intermittent pause and sleep phases. A watch of any size will fit securely in the Cub, and either battery or AC power can be used to operate it.

Heritage 2.1 Collection

Wolf’s Heritage collection furnishes you with the ability to have classically designed, high-quality watch winders at a price you can afford for your everyday use. Featuring a glass cover and a latch closure, the Heritage 2.1 offers a pebbled faux leather exterior lined with grosgrain. Powered either by battery or AC, this single-watch model gives you pre-programmed rotation settings, a 12-hour delay setting, clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional options and a cuff that securely locks your watch into the rotator.

Windsor 2.5 Collection

The Wolf Windsor collection is reminiscent of the smooth edges and sharp design of the mid-20th century. Sporting pebble faux leather and chrome finished hardware, a glass cover and a silver textured silk face plate, this winder features a 10-second start delay, 900 turns per day, a patented rotation program, three directional settings and a secure watch cuff that fits even the largest watches. Use either battery or AC power to keep your watch perfectly wound for whenever you need it.

Viceroy 2.7 Collection

Designed to impress and meticulously engineered, this collection has a black pebbled faux leather exterior and is lined with silver-textured silk. Chrome finished hardware grace this unit, which can also feature a locking glass cover if you prefer. A backlit display makes for easy reading of the settings, which include the ability to select the turns per day and the direction (clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional), delayed program start from six to 72 hours and the ability to run the unit on AC or battery power. A newly designed watch cuff holds even the largest watch in place for precise winding.

Meridian 2.7 Collection

The Wolf Meridian collection gives you the opportunity to combine a premium watch winder with other boxes in the collection to form a modular storage system beyond compare. The winder itself has a high-gloss finish and a wooden frame, chrome finished hardware and silver textured silk lining. It includes customizable rotation settings, three directional settings (clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional), delayed program start from six to 72 hours and a secure watch cuff to hold timepieces of any size in place. This unit is run by AC power only.

Roadster 2.7 Collection

This luxurious watch winder is crafted from solid exotic wood construction and covered with beautiful pebbled faux leather. Inspired by the look of a luxury car’s dashboard, this family of winders comes in four styles. You can also choose to select a Roadster 2.7 that includes storage for other jewelry pieces. Whether you want just a winder for one timepiece or eight, you will find what you need in this collection. As with other Wolf models, you can set your rotation and direction options and can delay anywhere from six to 72 hours. The special cuff allows for secure winding of even very large watches.

Module 4.1 Collection

Sophisticated and technologically advanced, this collection offers you the best of the best. With its touch-sensitive control panel, customizable winding programs and patented lock-in cuff, you can rest assured that your luxury timepiece will receive the safe storage and precise winding it deserves. Furthermore, these modular winders interlock with each other, enabling you to stack as many as you like together. With this modular set, the sky is the limit when it comes to your high-end timepiece collection.

The bottom line is this: entrusting your automatic watch to the luxury and precision of a Wolf winder will be one of the smartest decisions you have ever made. Marrying exquisite beauty with precise functionality, your Wolf winder from any of these collections is sure to prolong the life of your watch. In addition, your winder will be an elegant addition to any décor should you choose to display it.

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