Introducing the Versa Enzo Watch Winder

Versa Enzo Double Watch Winder g094

The Versa Enzo is the newest watch winder from Versa. The horizontal configuration features Versa’s latest improvements which include easy access controls, individual settings for each watch, and the 12 o’clock stop. The previous generation G015 double watch winder from Versa had controls on the rear, featured only one setting for both watches, and did not stop at 12 o’clock.

The Versa Enzo also features a carbon fiber design on both side panels adding to its aesthetics and has an easy to access control panel on top so the watch winder can easily be adjusted or turned off when not in use. Having independent settings also provides more flexibility in the types of watches the winder can support. Need one watch on 650 turns per day bi-directional and another watch on 850 turns per day clockwise only? No problem with the Versa Enzo. The 12 o’clock stop is all aesthetic but it is nice feature to have your automatic watch displayed in the best possible position during rest periods.

Versa has been manufacturing watch winders for over 5 years now and the brand has matured and grown over the years to be one of the best quality watch winders for the price. Check out the latest from Versa: Versa Enzo Double Watch Winder

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