Versa’s 350 Turns per Day Setting Explained

g088 versa watch winder

When researching watch winders, you soon begin to realize most watches require between 600 to 1000 turns per day. If that is true, why do Versa watch winders have 350 turns per day settings?

We were curious too, so to find out we asked Versa watch winders, one of our best selling watch winder brands, why the 350 turns per day setting existed. The Versa watch winders is the only brand we know of that features a 350 turns per day setting.

According to Versa watch winders, it is a setting for people that want as little winding as possible but still keep their watch wound for shorter amounts of time. After much testing, Versa watch winders says, the original concept of the 350 turns per day setting was specifically designed to wind a watch at the minimum possible turns per day to make it last over a weekend.  It is a great setting for people that wear their watches daily on weekdays and take it off on weekends.  When you are ready to wear it on Monday morning, on the 350 turns per day setting, the time is correct and the watch is ready to wear.

On the 350 turns per day setting, the watch will most likely run out of power after three to four days so you definitely would not want to use it for long term storage but it is the best setting for people who wear their watches often and want the minimal number of turns per day.

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