Double Watch Winders

Our double watch winders are compatible with all popular models such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, etc. and are made of the highest quality materials. While you are wearing your automatic watch, it self-winds thanks to the natural movements of your wrist. However, if you do not wear your watch for a stretch of several days or weeks, your timepiece will eventually stop. That means you will have to go through the tedious process of resetting your watch, which becomes even more cumbersome when you have multiple watches.
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  1. Versa Elite Double Watch Winder - Walnut
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A double watch winder is powered by battery or an AC adapter that will automatically wind up to two watches. Since you have spent the time and money to invest in more than one automatic watch, you should be equally diligent about obtaining the accessory that will enable you to display your timepieces and keep them in top form. Available in a wide range of styles to suit your own personal aesthetic, these dual winders work with all of the popular watch models. They allow you to choose from several turns per day and directional winding settings to ensure that your watch is wound according to the optimal specifications recommended by the manufacturer. Best of all, they provide a solid and secure storage place for your treasured watches.
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