Successful looking man in suit

It is a well-known fact that first impressions are often what people use to determine what they think of you. For instance, anyone who has interviewed for a job will attest to the importance of looking neat and well put together. After all, it’s all about the snap judgments that people make. Therefore, it follows that if you want people to perceive you as wealthy and successful, you should carry yourself and dress accordingly. To that end, here are five ways that you can step up your personal appearance.

  1. Dress the Part. The power of a good suit that fits you well cannot be overstated. Even if you don’t have thousands to spend on a hand-tailored ensemble, take some time to find a suit that is neither chokingly tight nor baggy and sloppy. Choose muted or neutral colors that communicate sophistication and class, and make sure your necktie matches.
  2. Purchase a Fine Watch. Have your eyes ever been drawn to the bling on a man’s wrist? If you answered yes, you know how attractive a high-end automatic watch can be. Even if you don’t have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend, there are now many fine brands of less expensive but still captivating automatic timepieces that truly can grace your wrist and make a strong, positive statement about you. Keep your premium watch constantly wound and ready to wear by investing in an automatic watch winder box, a jewelry storage container equipped with a turntable and motor. Winding your watch when you’re not wearing it is simply a matter of securely mounting it on the turntable and setting it according to your timepiece’s winding specifications. The mechanism will then rotate your watch clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directionally as required, while simultaneously keeping it dry and free of scratches.
  3. Be Neat. Make an effort to be clean and tidy. That means shaving as well as washing and combing your hair. If you have a thick head of hair, make sure it is well tended. Resist the temptation to use half a bottle of cologne; a dab at your wrists and behind your ears is sufficient.
  4. Posture is a Priority. If you stand tall with your shoulders back and your head up, you will immediately project an attitude of confidence to anyone who sees you. If you are tall, consciously work on avoiding hunching down in order to make yourself smaller. If you adopt the habit of good posture, you will not only project competence, you will also be doing your entire body a huge favor.
  5. Speak Well. The way you speak, as well as the speed and volume of your words, are immediately noticeable. While you can’t change the actual sound of your voice, you can definitely work on modulating its tone, slowing down or speeding up your words, and enhancing your vocabulary. If you are articulate and well spoken, that is at least half the battle of appearing successful.

Being perceived as successful doesn’t take a lot of time. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be costly. Just follow these simple suggestions and you might be amazed by the response you get.