2016 Black Friday Sale Begins Now!

2016 Black Friday Sale Begins Now!

Looking for a present for your co-worker, friends, or family? Watch winders and watch boxes are a great gift for watch lovers. This year we are starting Black Friday early so take advantage of the lowest prices of the year and beat the rush. Offers end Sunday, November 27, 2016.Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday Return Policy

For the 2016 Holiday Season, Buy Watch Winders will be extending our return policy. For all items purchased from 11/7/2016 through 1/1/12017, we will allow returns until January 31, 2017. If you want to shop early and avoid the crowds, buy your gifts early and don’t worry about not being able to return unwanted gifts.Happy…read more

Introducing the Versa Enzo Watch Winder

Introducing the Versa Enzo Watch Winder

The Versa Enzo is the newest watch winder from Versa. The horizontal configuration features Versa’s latest improvements which include easy access controls, individual settings for each watch, and the 12 o’clock stop. The previous generation G015 double watch winder from Versa had controls on the rear, featured only one setting for both watches, and did…read more

Do I need an automatic watch winder? Part II

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Do I need an automatic watch winder?”.  We answered this question more generally in a previous blog post but we wanted to revisit this question with some more detail this time. The short answer is, it is not an absolute necessity, but may help keep your watch…read more

Versa’s 350 Turns per Day Setting Explained

Versa's 350 Turns per Day Setting Explained

When researching watch winders, you soon begin to realize most watches require between 600 to 1000 turns per day. If that is true, why do Versa watch winders have 350 turns per day settings?We were curious too, so to find out we asked Versa watch winders, one of our best selling watch winder brands, why…read more

Jebely Noble One Single Watch Winder

Jebely Noble One Single Watch Winder

In this blog post, we want to highlight a new watch winder product from Jebely. Jebely has been producing watch winders for many years outside the USA and decided to start distribution in the USA with this model, the Noble One.The Jebely Noble One has some unique features not found in other watch winders on…read more

5 Simple Tips to Look Successful

Successful looking man in suit

It is a well-known fact that first impressions are often what people use to determine what they think of you. For instance, anyone who has interviewed for a job will attest to the importance of looking neat and well put together. After all, it’s all about the snap judgments that people make. Therefore, it follows…read more

Keeping Up With the Skeletonized Watch Movement

Keeping Up With the Skeletonized Watch Movement

As an aficionado of fine watches, you already know the countless hours of loving craftsmanship that go into creating each and every timepiece. While much of this care and attention is devoted to the watch’s inner workings, there is a new trend in timepieces called skeletonizing that is giving the external appearance of fine watches…read more

Storage Options for Men’s Accessories

Storage Options for Men's Accessories

Women aren’t the only ones with accessories. Think about it: What respectable man doesn’t possess a collection of watches, rings and/or gold chains, ties, belts, shoes, cuff links and sunglasses? The ladies have their lovely and tasteful armoires, wardrobes and trinket boxes, but what about the gentlemen? Surely, you don’t want to simply throw all…read more

Luxury Items to Add to Your Man Cave

Man cave

Every man needs his own personal space, a place where he can put the world aside for awhile and relax. As you think about the absolute essentials that must go into the man cave you are building, don’t be content with only a big flat-screen TV and a comfortable recliner. Take a look at some…read more

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