Women aren’t the only ones with accessories. Think about it: What respectable man doesn’t possess a collection of watches, rings and/or gold chains, ties, belts, shoes, cuff links and sunglasses? The ladies have their lovely and tasteful armoires, wardrobes and trinket boxes, but what about the gentlemen? Surely, you don’t want to simply throw all of your accessories into a junk drawer; they are far too valuable for that. So man up your storage solutions and give the women a run for their money.

Time To Organize Your Watches

If you are a lover of fine timepieces, you already know that your watches need loving care if they are to remain unscratched and in proper running order. Fortunately, there are many elegant yet tasteful jewelry storage boxes that will keep your watches from getting marked or dented and will ensure that they remain clean and dry. For your automatic timepieces, consider purchasing a wood, metallic or leather watch winder. This combines the commodiousness of a jewelry box with the practical benefits of a reliable system to keep your automatic watch perfectly wound according to its manufacturer’s specifications. Some leather watch winder options also contain additional storage space into which you can place your chains, rings and bracelets.

Organize Those Loose Ends

If you’re like most guys, you probably continue to be amazed at the cost of one simple necktie. Why these deceptively simple strips of fabric garner such prices remains a mystery, but keep them visible, organized and off the floor with a tie rack. When you hang them organized by color and at full length, they will be easily accessible and ready to wear each morning.

Buckle Down To Belt Organization

Throwing all of your belts onto a top shelf in your closet does not make for easy retrieval; in fact, it’s a recipe for frustration and fumbling. Even a simple wire hanger can function as the home for a number of your belts. Place it at the front of your closet to have all of your belts available for your use.

Don’t Let Your Shoes Walk All Over You

Over time, shoes can take over floor space and become jumbled together and virtually unreachable if you’re in a hurry. Don’t just leave them in a pile under your bed or on your closet floor; buy clear shoe boxes and stack them neatly. By doing this, you will easily be able to see all of your dress shoes while simultaneously keeping them out of your way.

The Little Things

Small items such as cuff links and sunglasses can become easily lost in a scattered environment, but there is an easy solution. For very little money, you can purchase clear storage boxes that you can organize according to item: sunglasses in one box, cuff links in another, etc. These can then be placed on a shelf, on your bureau or even on the floor of your closet. With everything neatly contained, there is no danger of losing or breaking valuable items.

Once you have instituted some of these organizational strategies for your accessories, you might be surprised at how much more relaxed and in control you feel. Getting dressed in the morning will be much less of a scurry or a scramble, free of those desperate searches and frantic glances at your watch that may currently characterize you’re a.m. routine. You may have been perplexed at one time about why women had so many boxes and baskets, but now you know the truth: They just make life easier.