Ever since watch winders have been available for sale, consumers who own Seiko Kinetic watches wonder why they cannot use a watch winder for their watches. Automatic movement watches work by motion and spinning of the watch's inner rotor. The spinning of the rotor then winds the mainspring and powers the watch over time. There is no internal battery so usually the watch will stop running within 1-3 days.

The Seiko Kinetic movement watch is designed differently from traditional automatic movement watches. Seiko developed the first Kinetic watch back in 1988. The movement does have an internal rotor inside that swings, but it’s connected to a piece of quartz and a capacitor. The energy stored inside the capacitor powers the watch. The power stored on the watch can last up to 4 years or longer. Since the power last so long for Kinetic watches, we do not recommend purchasing a watch winder.

Many of our customers who purchase a watch winder for their automatic watches also own Seiko Kinetic watches and will use an unused slot to hold the Seiko Kinetic watch. It makes a nice display but the Kinetic watch will not take a charge from the circular motion of the watch winder. Seiko has produced a device called the Kinetic Energy Supplier that has an internal magnet which will power up your kinetic watches. They are made for technicians and watch dealers only so you won't find them sold very often. Since Seiko Kinetic watches hold a charge for a long time, we do not see the need for a Kinetic energy supplier for the average person.