watch winder for multiple watches

These days, it is possible to go to your local discount department store and purchase a ten-dollar quartz watch that will provide you with extremely accurate time-keeping. These watches are incredibly cheap, totally functional and perfectly replaceable. Why, then, would you purchase a premium automatic timepiece that can cost more than a thousand times as much and, even more puzzling still, be less accurate? As a lover of premium automatic timepieces, you already know the answer: these watches are works of art and precision. What you might lose in terms of to-the-second accuracy, you gain in beauty, prestige, uniqueness, and style. Your watch is not cranked out by machines in some dingy factory; it is crafted by artisans who know and love every gear and wheel.

You could ask the same question about purchasing an automatic watch winder. Given that winding can happen simply by the manual movements of your wrist, why would you want to shell out extra money for a device that might be considered by some to be a fad or a needless gadget? No doubt, it is true that your watch can be wound through your own natural movements. However, this assumes that you will always be wearing your Rolex, Omega, Breitling, or other premium watch. As soon as you remove it and store it in a drawer, it begins to run down. Within a day or two, it will stop. When it comes time for you to wear it again, you will need to go through the annoying and time-consuming process of resetting it. Especially in the case of watches that have perpetual calendar functions, this can be more than a little tedious. These devices are particularly relevant to premium watch collectors. Owners of multiple watches can find these automatic winding solutions to be extremely useful, as there is no way to wear an entire collection every day to promote optimal winding through wrist motion.

Perhaps you are at the very beginning stages of your collection, having only recently fallen in love with automatic timepieces. As many aficionados will attest, acquiring these beautiful pieces can become something of an addiction. Although you might only have one watch today, chances are good that you will soon get another and perhaps another still.

In addition to functioning as an excellent winder for your timepiece, an automatic watch winder doubles as a beautiful jewelry box that is as elegant as it is functional. Instead of resting your watch in a drawer or jewelry case where it can easily become marred or damaged by other items, a watch winder offers a secure, cushioned environment where your timepiece can be kept dry and free of nicks and scratches. What’s more, thanks to the customizable program features in the winder, your watch can be maintained according to its specific manufacturer settings.

Perhaps you are thinking that you could forego the automatic watch winder in favor of simply winding your watch manually by turning the screw-on crown. Certainly, this is an option that you can employ from time to time. However, regular manual winding can eventually put undue stress on your watch’s auto reverser wheels. In addition, frequent manual winding will eventually wear out the spring-loaded crown and the rubber gasket that holds it in place, requiring manufacturer replacement. Furthermore, a stressed crown can enable moisture to seep into the case of your watch, setting you up for any number of costly problems down the line.

As a lover of fine automatic timepieces, you are probably drawn to the precise engineering and craftsmanship that sets premium watches apart from their mass-manufactured cousins. An automatic watch winder will serve as an elegant yet highly functional partner to your watch. Because they are available in a wide range of price points and quality levels, you will be sure to find one that satisfies your budget and gives your watch the top shelf treatment it deserves. Many models also double as beautiful display pieces that can be a tasteful addition to any room. Automatic watch winders come in a variety of sizes, with capacities to wind anywhere from one to as many as eight watches at once – all according to their own particular manufacturer specifications. Winders can be made of several different types of metals and woods, also offering you a choice of silk, velvet, and other lining materials. Although these superficial aspects are important, it is essential that you also look carefully at the motor that runs the winder. These, too, can run the gamut from poorly functioning Chinese offerings to gold standard German- and Swiss-made models. Be sure to choose at least a mid-range product that will not stop and start erratically or be extremely noisy. Spending a few extra dollars on a highly-rated winder that runs reliably will ultimately benefit you and your watch collection in the long term.

Whether you have one automatic watch or an entire collection, purchasing an automatic watch winder is an intelligent choice. Take the time to search for the model that is right for you, and you will find that your beloved timepieces require fewer trips to the manufacturer for repair. What’s more, they are ready to wear whenever you want to display them to the world.