You have invested wisely by purchasing your first, or perhaps even your second, automatic timepiece. Like most collectors, you are captivated by your watch’s beauty, as well as its precision and functionality. When it is not gracing your wrist, however, it is in your best interest to purchase an automatic watch winder to protect your timepiece and keep it ready for immediate wear at all times.

What is an automatic watch winder? Think of it as a high-end jewelry box equipped with a motor and a specially calibrated mechanism which is designed to simulate the movements of your wrist. As you already know, your automatic watch has a self-winding mechanism that uses the natural movements of your wrist in order to stay fully wound. When you remove the watch and place it on a flat surface or in a drawer, it is stationary. Within one to two days, the mechanism will stop and all of your settings will be lost. When next you decide to wear your watch, you will need to go through the tedious process of resetting its time, date and moon dial features.

Having a single automatic watch winder, even for just one watch, eliminates this issue entirely. Designed to work with all major brands of automatic timepieces, these winders allow you to securely store your watch in plush surroundings that will protect it from moisture and oils. Each day, it will be rotated according to the specifications you set in clockwise, counter clockwise and multi-directional modes. Many models of watch winders are pieces of art in their own right, crafted from fine woods and leathers and worthy of being proudly displayed in even the most elegant of surroundings. If you are the owner of two automatic watches, several models of dual automatic winders are available that will accommodate both timepieces simultaneously, providing you with the ability to customize your settings for each.

As a collector of fine timepieces, you recognize the pleasure that comes from owning them. Once you invest in an automatic watch winder, you will also come to know the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is being stored safely and wound to its optimal settings even when you are not wearing it. Give your beautiful timepiece the protection and special treatment it deserves by investing in an automatic watch winder.