watch winder settings

Now that you have the automatic watch of your dreams, it has probably occurred to you that you will not constantly be wearing your timepiece. Because you understand that the optimal maintenance of your watch involves keeping it wound all the time to ensure that the lubricants continue to flow, you are now on the market for a single watch winder. There are virtually as many choices when it comes to winders as there are in the timepieces themselves, including the type of material used for the exterior of the box and the motor and gearbox used to run it. In addition to these is a seemingly mysterious item listed in the winder descriptions as TPD. This refers to turns per day, and understanding this term can help you choose the watch winder that is best for you.

Every watch winder contains a turntable, usually called a rotor. It is this device that keeps your watch fully wound by means of the precise turns it makes every 24 hours. Automatic watches have different TPD settings based on their brand and type. In general, most automatic watches require anywhere from 600 to 1000 TPD in order to be wound fully. However, it is not unheard of for certain models to require as many as 1900 TPD. You might be wondering how you can tell exactly how many turns per day your particular timepiece will need. If you are unable to find the information in your watch’s user guide, you can do one of two things: Either contact the vendor who sold you the watch and ask them or do your own online research. The Internet contains lists of specific watches and the TPD for each.

Once you know the requirements of your particular timepiece, you can most likely manually adjust any good watch winder to accommodate it. This ease of adjusting the setting of a well-made winder to fit the needs of your timepiece definitely would come in handy if you ever decided to expand your automatic watch collection to include a different model or brand. Numerous watch winders on the market today are designed to wind multiple watches simultaneously, each according to its own custom TPD settings. Finally, don’t worry about over-winding your watch. All automatic watches made today have a built-in slipping system that protects the units against over-winding.

Now that you understand the concept of TPD, you can make an even more informed choice when it comes to the watch winder that is best for you. Your automatic watch winder will provide you with a safe, secure and beautiful storage box for your timepiece. Best of all, it will keep it wound to the exact TPD specifications recommended by the manufacturer. As a lover of fine timepieces, you couldn’t ask for anything more.